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In my Forza Horizon 4: Mosler MT900S VS Porsche 911 GT3 RS PO video, I put two heavyweights against each other and show a tuning setup for both.

If I had to pick two cars that are awesome in Forza Horizon 4, it would be the Mosler MT900S and the Porsche 911 GT3 RS PO. Both cars offer staggering performance, bags of grip and the ability to lap Goliath very, very fast indeed.

But how do the cars compare against each other? That was what I wanted to find out so I did 40 laps at Holyrood Park Circuit in both, fine-tuning my setup along the way. And then some Goliath action, because that is another great way of pushing a car to the extreme.

Rather surprisingly, the gap between the two cars was rather large at a smaller circuit although with even more tuning and practice I reckon both could achieve lap times up there with almost any other car.

As with every Forza Horizon 4 video I do for A Tribe Called Cars, you can download and install my setups (both known as ‘ATTC Beast V2’). Or you can watch the video and input the numbers yourself, which means you can then do some tweaks of your own.

Obviously a setup that I have made may not be as good for your driving style, but hopefully I have given you a decent basis to work from. One that avoids gimping the cars heavily, anyway.

I plan to do more of these versus videos as they are actually quite useful, so if you have any suggestions then head on over to the video and leave a comment. While you’re there, hitting subscribe would be really appreciated. I’d love to monetise my videos this year so I can keep the channel going.