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A Forza Horizon 4 glitch in a seasonal event meant some players never got their Mosler MT900S gift, but how Turn 10 rectified the situation has highlighted a bigger problem.

When you next play Forza Horizon 4, you will have a message from Turn 10 that says you have been gifted a Mosler MT900S. A Happy New Year present, indeed, given how it’s basically the best car in the game.

So all is well? For those who suffered the glitch, which appears to have affected some players during the Fortune Island treasure hunt, yes. Having to invest time into completing a potentially difficult seasonal tournament but not get the prize is frustrating.

But then Turn 10’s solution to a problem that should never have been a part of a triple-A, high-budget title endorsed officially by Microsoft, has annoyed a lot of players. Instead of handing out the car to those who made the effort, the switch was flipped for every player.

In short, those who made the effort feel short-changed because everyone gets the prize even if they never even logged in. With one swift movement the brilliant Mosler MT900S just became incredibly common.

This is good and bad. Bad because an awesome car just lost a great deal of its allure and its value, not that the Forza Horizon 4‘s economy is that important to the gameplay.

The good part is that it is easy to overlook the players who either enjoying family time or simply unable to access Xbox Live, therefore making the event impossible to complete. These players will be pleased to know they never missed out on the mighty Mosler MT900S.

Wherever you stand, Turn 10’s handling of the problem is merely a symptom of a problem. That it needs to iron out a number of issues as soon as possible. The community is owed that much, if only because of how much money it made at launch.