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How to tune in Forza Horizon 4? It’s a question I attempt to answer in my tips and tricks video, which covers the principles of a basic car setup, maximising cornering grip and a whole lot more.

Bewildered by tuning in Forza Horizon 4, Forza Motorsport 7 and other games from the popular Xbox racing game series? That’s okay, it can be complicated, time-consuming and make you want to tear your hair out (if you have any). But it need not be that way.

Having set myself the aim of a sub-7 minute lap in Forza Horizon 4‘s Goliath, the longest and fastest race in the game, I have spent a lot of time messing around with the likes of the Maserati MC12 FE, McLaren F1 GT, McLaren 720S PO, Ultima 1020, Radical RXC and Porsche 911 GT3 RS PO. Along the way I have learned a few tricks that helped me. Hopefully they can help you.

Why bother tuning at all, though? Because you can make a car shine with a bit of know-how, whether that’s making it better at drifting, grippier on loose surfaces or faster on the road. All of that either makes you more money per hour or enjoy the game more. Or both. Win win, if you ask me.

The video is the first in my ‘It Takes Tune to Tango‘ video series, with Part Deux coming soon. The follow-up avoids the theories and will instead cover each tuning element and what effect it has on how a car handles. The plan is to take a car from standard to as fast as possible and show you each step (and it won’t be the MC12 FE).

As per usual, feel free to chuck some feedback in the comments here or, preferably, on YouTube. I am by no means a master, but then learning the process as I go along does mean I can try to help you overcome those early hurdles. Also subscribe because I need that YouTube advertising monies to sustain that Earl Grey tea habit.

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